Raleigh Raves for GAY CARD.

The wonderful production of GAY CARD in Raleigh has made big waves in the community and has garnered rave reviews! Tickets are going quickly, so get them now! Go to nract.org or call 919-866-0228. The show runs through June 23, 2019.

Review 1: NRACT’s World Premiere of Gay Card Is Fun, Fabulous, and Powerful

“Whether it’s realizing that ‘Christian’ or ‘Muslim’ or ‘White’ or ‘Black’ does not comprise an identity, Logan’s longing for self and soul and definition is one that viewers from all walks of life can find resonation with, making this show powerful and timely from the outset.”

“It is a forward-thinking show that handles heavy social issues, ones not oft-explored, with a lighthearted hand that keeps it from ever feeling preachy.”

“This show is for everyone, regardless of sexuality, who has ever had to find themselves… The message is ultimately one of hope and a continuing promise of self-discovery.”

Review 2: Ryan Korell and Jonathan Keebler’s Gay Card at NRACT Is Heartwarming, Fresh, and Funny

“This musical is a fresh look at the coming-out experience, without the angst-ridden moments of dealing with friends and family who might not understand.”

“This show has promise, incredible heart, and a contemporary message that separates it from the pack.”

“It’s a perfect celebration, not only of gay pride, but the poignant struggle each adolescent goes through on the way to becoming an adult.”