GAY CARD goes to Raleigh.

GAY CARD goes to Raleigh.

Now is your chance to see GAY CARD on stage! The North Raleigh Arts and Creative Theatre is mounting an awesome production of the show, running June 7 - 23 (get tickets). Jonathan and I will be there for opening weekend, so come out and see us!

If you’re curious to hear more from my collaborator and me, check out the short interviews below:

Local news TV interview

Podcast for RDU on Stage

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“We really wanted to write a show for our adolescent selves: the show we would have wanted to see when we were eighteen and nineteen, struggling with what our identities meant and what we could and should be going into adulthood.”

“In all those years, we had never seen a teen movie or rom-com, on stage or on the screen, about a gay person. I’d never seen myself in any of those stories that I loved so much, and it still doesn’t happen very often today.”

“When you’re not inundated with examples of how to grow up as a gay man, a trans person, or a lesbian, in the real world and in the media, you’re sort of off-footed… You can either not really progress or progress on someone else’s narrative.”