New show, new song. Hear the demo.

New show, new song.

Jonathan and I are always hard at work, often writing more than one show at at time. We’ve only just started this new one-act called BEFORE AND AFTER, but I’m really excited to share what we’ve got so far with you!

It’s a brand-new demo that was just written and recorded in the past few weeks. The song is called “That Little Voice,” and my dear super-mega-talented friend, Rachel Carreras, absolutely slays it! I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

For more context, read on!

BEFORE AND AFTER tells the story of a high school sophomore, Bea, who just wants to be normal. The trouble is she’s obese and believes normalcy is out of reach for her. Using Photoshop to see what she'd look like if she lost weight, Bea creates a skinny version of herself in her head (who takes on her middle name, Zoey). From that moment, Bea becomes obsessed with becoming Zoey, despite her naysaying.

In time, Bea transforms and becomes that skinny girl, but life doesn't look the way she expected. Eventually, Bea’s diet lands her in the hospital and she is forced to give the girl in her head a new name: anorexia. She must then take back control of her brain and finally accept that being normal does not have to mean being perfect.

In this song, Bea confronts Zoey and her taunting. She starts working out, plans meals, and ultimately transforms into Zoey by the final line.